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13 Reasons Why I LOVE This Show

Kelley McElreath

I just finished up watching this series today. Being an attempted suicide survivor myself, I thought I would share 13 Reasons Why I think this show is amazing and should be shown in every middle school and high school. 
  1.  It is raw
  2.  It is a story that needed to be told
  3.  It is reality
  4.  It is authentic
  5.  It starts conversations
  6.  It is beautiful in its own way
  7.  It causes you to reflect on your own life when you were a teenager
  8.  It is impactful
  9.  It brings me hope
  10.  It is a lot of my own story but with a different ending
  11.  It confirms for me that there are countless reasons people out there need me to  continue sharing MY story
  12. It shows that I am Hannah, YOU are Hannah and that any single one of us could be her
  13. It is a story played out on a daily basis across America and maybe even the world
This show is written so perfectly. It depicts the exact spiral that an individual can go down. It is so raw and emotional. I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet or hasn't finished watching it but it is just amazing. I think there are far more than 13 reasons why I loved it. I think people who are suicidal and most people that are not just find it uncomfortable to talk about. I think it is a wonderful way to start that conversation. 
When I attempted to take my own life and I woke up in the hospital barely alive, I didn't suddenly not want to end my life anymore. Hell, I still think about taking my life. I wouldn't, but I do think about it. I am not ashamed to say so.  And I shouldn't have to be. This needs to be said. Others need to be able to say it and not be shamed for doing so. It is no different than people who "think" about having an affair. Or an alcoholic who "thinks" about having a drink after years of being sober. There are countless things we all do and think about and we are not alone in our thinking. 
I wish I could openly talk about this to others on a grander scale but it is scary to do that. People judge and make assumptions and this show just shows how true that is. When in that dark place, it seems to that person that they are so alone and eventually feel they are in complete despair and they ARE!! Every event and thought keep pushing them towards it. 
This is why my mission in life is to be someone that absolutely anyone could talk to if they were feeling this way. People just need to be heard. They need to know someone cares. But beyond all of that, my goal is to teach people that they themselves are the answer. To help others learn that no one and I mean absolutely NO ONE can save us but ourselves. It is, to me, the greatest most valuable lesson a person can learn in this life.
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