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Let me introduce myself...

Kelley McElreath

"If you don't deal with the issue, you will ALWAYS be dealing with the issue." ~Kelley McElreath, The Survivor Coach

I have been a life coach for about 10 years. In my life I have endured great loss and tragedies. You can read my entire story here "My Story." It was trauma after trauma for a big part of my life. It was all I knew. So much has happened that I rarely tell the "full" story because the things I leave out seem so minor in comparison to the things I do share. 

I came to realize that trying to survive AFTER you have survived is sometimes harder than when the events actually occurred. So I created the "Surviving Survival" program. You see, I am an attempted suicide survivor. After surviving, I wasn't suddenly cured of depression and suicidal thoughts. SO, I HAD to do something for myself. Counselors and therapists did me ZERO good. 

I knew that suicide was NO LONGER an option. The collateral damage was too great. So with that in mind, I had no choice but to try many, many different things to keep myself alive during those really dark times. There were so many times I wanted to run as fast as I could from my mind. If only I could just have a break from it, I would be okay. Those times are tortuous!!

Now my complete focus in coaching is working with high-functioning corporate individuals or entrepreneurs. Also, anyone who struggles with depression, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide survivors, anyone who developed depression after chemo or major surgeries, etc. 

I am NOT a counselor or therapist. I am just a coach on a mission. A mission to end the stigma on mental illnesses. I'm an every day girl, just some Joe, I'm just like YOU. I do all my coaching over the phone so you can live anywhere.  I also have a mini-version you can take in a group setting on a live webinar.

I also want to start speaking at middle schools, high schools and college campuses. I feel that if I can in some way share my story with today's youth, it will have an impact on the suicide rates in their generation and the next and the next!

You can reach me at thesurvivorcoach@gmail.com I would love to hear YOUR story. Completely confidential of course.

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