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Manic Mondays for the Breast Cancer Survivor

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Today on Manic Monday, I talked about the breast cancer survivor. When I was first diagnosed, SO many people who I know probably really thought they were helping, would say the dumbest things like, They're only boobs, it's only hair, it'll grow back, just be thankful it is only stage one, you should try to stop drinking Diet Coke and stop eating sugar, on and on and on. Then when you are all done, people treat you like you haven't been through a thing and life is just back to normal. When enough people say this repeatedly, you quickly learn how to succumb and act like you are indeed just fine while you are a complete mess on the inside. People make you feel like if you were to even try to talk to them about how it REALLY is, they would look down on your or not see you the same or think you were trying to do it for attention. 
It is truly just so very sad. This behavior is the beginning steps that can lead people down a very, very ugly and dark path. A path that will lead you to suffering in silence because it is the only safe place. 
Before I had cancer, I was the strong woman I am now, only I never showed that side of me. She was talked away really nicely in a nice little box where I thought she would stay forever. Once I got cancer, I realized I needed to be bold. I needed to live my life out loud. You know...LOUD AND PROUD. I would play WII dance games with the kids, go for walk with them, go bike riding, I jumped out of a plane, and many other crazy adventures. 
So, my suggestion to you is to do something bold!! Let that person who you really are come out and shine. LIVE YOU. BE YOU. Do something where you have to totally face your fear head on. Do something you've always wanted to do!!

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