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Buy Your OWN Damn Flowers

Kelley McElreath

In one of my first serious relationships, my boyfriend would bring me flowers every single Friday. It was so sweet. After a while of course, I came to really look forward to Fridays. He always brought me pretty flowers. It made me feel special and thought of. 
A couple of weeks in a row, he didn't bring me any flowers. I was probably around 20 or 21 years old at the time. I thought maybe he just forgot the first time but when the second time rolled around, I was so disappointed and couldn't hide my discouragement. He made this comment like well if you "expect" it then I'm not going to do it anymore. And, he didn't. 
Over the years, through talking to many people in authority who thought they knew what was best for me, talking to therapists, psychologists, coaches, friends and more, I have realized that the one and the only person that can truly make me happy is me and only me. I know what is best for me. For I know me best. 
So, I decided one day when I was feeling down, that I would buy my own damn flowers. And I LOVED it! I smelled them, I looked at all of them, I carefully picked out the ones I liked the best and it was fabulous! I made it a habit from that day forward that if there was something worth celebrating or I needed a little pick me up to brighten my day or if I just felt like it, I would buy them for myself and I have never looked back. 
I have had many people buy me flowers since that time and it is really nice, but I didn't expect them and it was a nice surprise. And that was the start of one of many, many, many things that I have learned to do to show myself love and care. 
What do you do to show yourSELF love? Leave a comment or email me at thesurvivorcoach@gmail.com

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