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Could Chaos be Your Motivator?

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“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

If you are anything like me, sometimes, your brain gets completely out of control and throws you into a tailspin of worry and doubt which then leads to several days of depressive thoughts and a really bad mindset. 

I've heard that some people actually like chaos and that they live for it. I am not that person. However, I have found recently that my mind, in fact, can be chaotic. I would say this is about the 4th time I have noticed it. Maybe I wasn't aware before but each of those 4 times I have become more and more aware of it. 

This last time, what I realized was that it was during those very, very chaotic times that I took action of some kind. That action then changed everything I was worried about in a good way. So, this last time, I paid close attention. I started reflecting on the past times and what was going on in my mind. I thought back and remembered the good that came from it and then I was able to use it to motivate me. I asked myself what I needed to do THIS time. Almost immediately, the chaos was gone. 

I think sometimes we are so used to our depressed minds that we immediately associate it with terrible things. In my case, my failed suicide attempt. I must say that this discovery is probably one of the most awesome things I have ever found for myself. With this new knowledge, I can now think of the chaotic mind as a motivator to taking action and doing something about whatever it is I am fretting about. 

I believe that nothing great comes from our comfort zones. And sometimes, the chaos is exactly what we need to make us uncomfortable enough to take action and do something for our own selves!

THIS, is what Surviving Survival is all about!


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