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Directions on how to be SIC...not SICK!!

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This video is from yesterday. Many of you watched it and I appreciate the comments and private messages. I am much better now. As I said in the video, I know how to pull myself out of these moments. My main goal for doing the video is because so many people think of me as this one tough woman who has her shit together all the time and they wish they too could be like that. While I am a VERY strong woman, I, like many, many other people out there have my down times. Thankfully, those times are few & far between now.
I have a HUGE list of tools I have created that truly work. After this video, just crying and doing the video made me feel a little better. But, I realized that I had to use a tool or two pretty quick before it became a downward spiral. 
At the time of this video, I could not hold it together. Afterwards, I took a few deep breaths knowing I would not be able to be by myself for about 2 more hours. I finally pulled it together and was able to make it. 
As soon as I was able to get in my car and be alone, I went to Spotify and found my "Happy" playlist and just started listening to those songs. This always helps me. What I did next was use a tool from Surviving Survival. 
I don't know about you, but I get really sick of being treated as though I am "Sick." Ya know what I mean? I don't feel sick most of the time. So anyway, I thought one day to myself about this and decided to think of myself as being totally SIC rather than sick. I call it my "Sic Trick." It's really easy to do and easy to remember AND you can use it anywhere, any time you need it!
Let's say you are in the very beginning of a situation that you KNOW has the potential to cause you to go on a downward spiral if you don't do something quick. And/OR let's say something has happened and a suicidal though pops up. It is at this time, the absolute BEST time to do this. The earlier we "catch" ourselves the easier it is to control it.
Here is the trick...
  1. Just stop your racing thoughts for a second. 
  2. Take three slow and steady big, big breaths in and out.


  1. Investigate the thoughts swirling around in your mind. One thing that anyone with a mental illness can do well is think TONS of thoughts at the same time.
  2. The mind can go so fast that you get completely overwhelmed in your thoughts but really, it's usually only one main thing.
  3. Identify what the MAIN thing is that you are concerned about. You can even write them all down on a piece of paper with two columns. On the left side, write at the top,"Things that are IN my control." Then, on the right side write, "Everything that is NOT in my control.


  1. You have your list now either in your head or on paper. I can promise you that the list on your left will be very small in comparison to the one on the right. 
  2. Now, if everything is out of your control, your good. This will be a fantastic habit for you to get in. We must realize that if there is nothing we can do about it, worrying ourselves sick will NOT work or change anything at all.
  3. What I do personally, to "CLEAR" my thoughts, is rather than think the negative thoughts, I repeat to myself over and over "This is only a moment."



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