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I think many of you know my story already. If not, please read it here http://bit.ly/1t4KhCQ. Around January of this year, I started having this feeling in my chest...it was growing daily. I knew it was my extreme passion for people like myself who have suffered great tragedies in their lives.
When someone goes through a tragedy, once it is over and the dust settles, your life is completely altered. Figuring out how to now survive what has happened in your life or TO you is very complicated. In some cases, before you can even begin to even make sense of it all, another tragedy happens. This is what happened to me. I lived out tragedy after tragedy. 
I became a life-coach 10 years ago to help others. It is something I absolutely LOVE doing and it is very rewarding and fulfilling. At some point, after many traumas and surviving a suicide attempt myself, I realized that I was a really awesome coach to others but I was unable to coach myself. Or maybe I should say, it never crossed my mind to coach myself like I do my clients. 
So, back in January as I started having this extreme compassion for people just like myself, it grew so fast and so strong that I ended up leaving my full-time job as Director of Operations and Training at the life-coaching school where I got my own credential in April. I literally could not sleep at night. The feeling was so strong that it brought tears to my eyes as I felt an urgency to help them. I could not handle the thought of another day going by with me not doing everything in my power to help others.
I have a very different approach. I am not a counselor or therapist of any kind. However, I have suffered from depression, suicidal thoughts and an attempted suicide and a stay in a mental hospital. I went to counseling EVERY single Wednesday for two straight years. My experience with therapists has been horrendous. My mental health was harmed by many. I am not here to say therapy doesn't work. But I have heard many, many stories that would completely BLOW your mind.
My biggest hot button is that if a person is suicidal, they cannot tell their therapist. They can't really tell a friend or loved one without them freaking out and not knowing what to do. They are unable to call law enforcement. In those darkest moments leading up to just before you make your final decision, people MUST have a tool...a last ditch effort. They need SOMETHING to try...SOMETHING to give them a smidgeon of hope. You know what they DO NOT need? They don't need to be punished for feeling this way. They don't need to be physically arrested and taken to a mental hospital against their wishes. 
SO, that is my mission. I have written my memoir and it is currently being edited. I am writing another book called, "Surviving Survival" that will have a workbook with it. I do have a nine-month coaching program but not everyone can afford that. So the book(s) will be a cheaper tool anyone could use who is suicidal and in a downward spiral. I have been a guest blogger, I have been on many radio shows and podcasts and am working on getting as many speaking engagements as possible. I believe that just hearing my story alone can change lives and bring people hope. 
With all of that said, when I quit my job I had four months of savings built up at that time. Since then, all of my existing coaching clients have finished up. I literally work 12 - 15 hour days and some weekends trying to fulfill this mission. I KNOW it is my life's work. I have already talked many people out of trying to take their lives. I am helping daily but not making any income at it yet. So, to put it bluntly, my savings is completely depleted and I have no income.
I need help. Maybe you could help me get some speaking engagements, maybe you could share as much as you possibly can on social media. You could refer clients my way. At this point, I must get sponsors to raise money to even live. I think my book will be published in the fall and I know I am on the brink of big things happening for me. Unfortunately, without the help of sponsors, I cannot continue my mission full-time, I am unable to do a really good pre-launch for the book release and do any marketing.
Your donation will help me with getting my book published quicker, I am also writing a Surviving Survival book that will come with a workbook. That way, people who can't afford my coaching services will have a go-to resource in times of distress. I will be able to continue getting myself out there. I have been on many radio shows and featured on lots of sites for mental health and suicide prevention.
Might you consider helping me? You have no idea what it would mean to me. Even if you could only give $25.00, that $25.00 could literally save someone's life!! Anyone who donates $500.00 or more, I will speak at any one event of yours (if applicable) in DFW for free. I will mention your sponsorship in my 1st book. I will promote you and/or your business across all my social media platforms to give you exposure. Heck, I'll even come clean your house! 
Every three seconds, a human blinks. Every three seconds, a person tries to take their own life. We are talking about as young as 10 years old up to people in their 80s!! This is unacceptable in my eyes. 
I do hope that if you are able, you will help me in my mission to give people hope and save lives. If you would like to donate any amount of money, you can do so here paypal.me/kelleymac 
Please e-mail me if you have any questions whatsoever. thesurvivorcoach [at] gmail.com
Thank you so much,

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  • Karen Hughes on

    People, I personally have known Kelley for over 20 yrs. She is the real deal. She is pouring her life into saving others as she says. Help if you feel

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