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My discovery regarding mental health

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My discovery regarding mental health
My entire mission is helping others create tools for THEMSELVES that they can use at any time, day or night. I believe the majority of us have trust issues. I think that having a friend that you fully trust is awesome and one of the best tools for our mental health.
As you probably already know, I have had zero success from any type of counselor. The majority of people I talk with have not had a good experience as well. I'm talking like 95% or more. I DO believe that there must be good therapists out there somewhere, I really do.
However, like I mentioned above, it seems to me that the more we can help ourselves internally rather than looking for help outside of ourselves, that is when we will be successful. It is the most empowering thing I have ever done in my life.
A couple of months or so ago, I noticed that I was jumping to worst case scenarios, starting to catch myself worrying and couldn't control my thinking. Randomly, but definitely not a coincidence, this phrase came to me. It is, "The entire universe is conspiring to work everything out in my favor." I noted it in my phone so I wouldn't forget, along with some others. This one was the easiest to remember and I found myself saying it continually. ANY time that I had a thought that wasn't going to serve me well, I said it to myself and sometimes out loud, repeatedly. After many weeks, I had one day where I could tell I was feeling a little down and I realized I wasn't saying it as much so I amped it up again. Fast forward to just a few days ago and I was telling a friend that I have had the longest streak of happiness and peace that I have had in years. I wasn't worried, I wasn't down, I wasn't depressed or having any issues mentally whatsoever! I started analyzing what was different, not even thinking about the phrase I was saying all the time. Then I realized that saying that all the time was the only change I had made. Also, I wasn't using any of my tools except for this new thing!
I was astounded. Really, I couldn't believe it. Mainly because I think the whole "positive affirmations" and any kind of name it, claim it mentality is a bunch of crap most of the time. Like when someone says, "You just have to think positive." or "Just be grateful for what you DO have," etc. So I started thinking about all of this and came to the conclusion that what it boils down to is re-directing my thoughts. I am not convinced that it is just solely saying the phrase, although many things have indeed worked out in my favor. So, I am thinking that if we were to say a phrase like that or call someone or listen to music or whatever, just somehow re-directing, the result would be the same. I realized that I could have spent all this time worrying myself sick and everything would have still ended up the same OR it could've actually made things worse. 
There have been many opportunities for me to worry or be concerned, but I have made a very great effort of expecting the best outcome rather than choose to worry about it. I hope that you will try this out! I am 100% convinced that this new tool is the most powerful one yet!!

“At the center of your being
you have the answer;
you know who you are
and you know what you want.”
―Lao Tzu 

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