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Surviving Survival — life after chemo

Manic Mondays for the Breast Cancer Survivor

Kelley McElreath Breast Cancer cancer chemo depression double mastectomy life after chemo suicidal Suicide suicidesurvivor

Today on Manic Monday, I talked about the breast cancer survivor. When I was first diagnosed, SO many people who I know probably really thought they were helping, would say the dumbest things like, They're only boobs, it's only hair, it'll grow back, just be thankful it is only stage one, you should try to stop drinking Diet Coke and stop eating sugar, on and on and on. Then when you are all done, people treat you like you haven't been through a thing and life is just back to normal. When enough people say this repeatedly, you quickly learn...

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The Bridge, The Bullet & The Overdose

Kelley McElreath cancer chemo depression double mastectomy life after chemo Men People Pleasers suicidal Suicide suicidesurvivor

Looking back on my life prior to my attempted suicide, I now see the spiral so clearly. I was so, so sad. I knew something was wrong with me but I really and truly thought it was just what happens to a person after finishing their treatment for cancer.  I mean, that is what all the doctor's said would happen. While I do in fact believe chemotherapy is the reason I went into a severe depression, I know there were other factors as well. You can read the whole story here if you are interested. I know that a big...

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