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Individual Coaching Course

The Survivor Coach is an ICF-certified life coach as well a certified Mindset Coach. She specializes in helping people find new meaning as a survivor. There are many types of survival and often it is actually worse and harder to overcome than when actual tragic events happen. Her mission is to help others not only survive, but THRIVE in their survival.

Surviving Survival is hard!

…But You Have The Tools Within You To Survive Surviving!

Discover how expert one-on-one support can help you muster your own inner strength and move forward successfully!

Surviving Survival Program 

The Survivor Coach has created many tools to help get you through the down days, depression episodes and ways to get past those dark days filled with suicidal thoughts.

Kelley, The Survivor Coach, has not had success with counselors or therapists so that caused her to create the Surviving Survival Program that takes individuals through a personalized for YOU process in discovering where the depression/suicidal thoughts come from, where and why it started and what you can do moving forward. 

She believes wholeheartedly that absolutely everyone has the answers to 100% of their problems within themselves. What might work for one, might not work for the other. This is why it is vital to have an experience in a personalized program. Together, you will work with The Survivor Coach on creating your OWN tips and tools that work for YOU. Only YOU can possibly know what is best for YOU.  

YOU know YOU better than anyone else!

All individual coaching is done over the phone.

*In person and group coaching is an option if in the DFW area. Contact for more info.




"As a coach, being coached by Kelley, gave me great insight into myself and how I want to ultimately help my clients achieve success." ~TH


"Kelley was instrumental in coaching me.  After many years of counseling I was in a much healthier place, however, I was still not able to stop much of the negative thinking about myself, past decisions, my current and future life. Kelley helped me through each step of the program to finally change the way I think about myself, the way I see myself, the way I believe God sees me, and the way I could visualize my future life and finally walk in confidence instead of fear. I will forever be grateful and thankful for her support as she walked along side me. I would highly recommend Kelley as a life coach to anyone seeking to change their mindset!" - Kathy English