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"After being influenced by The Survivor Coach, I had the strength to support and help these friends verbally. I feel that with my interaction with Kelley, I was able to do this. Helping others as she does has given me the strength to help others and therefore able to be strong myself. Thank you, Kelley. I appreciate all you are and all you do." ~Heidi Tripp


"Kelley was instrumental in coaching me.  After many years of counseling I was in a much healthier place, however, I was still not able to stop much of the negative thinking about myself, past decisions, my current and future life. Kelley helped me through each step of the program to finally change the way I think about myself, the way I see myself, the way I believe God sees me, and the way I could visualize my future life and finally walk in confidence instead of fear. I will forever be grateful and thankful for her support as she walked along side me. I would highly recommend Kelley as a life coach to anyone seeking to change their mindset!" - Kathy English


"As a coach, being coached by Kelley, gave me great insight into myself and how I want to ultimately help my clients achieve success." ~TH


"I hired Kelley as my personal coach and she did a great job moving me forward. I had no idea what a strong woman Kelley was until I recently listened to her past traumas discussed with Anne Beal on her “Living Well” internet show. Wow – Kelley is a Survivor and with her coaching knowledge and experience as well as her personal life adventures, she will be able to successfully coach from her heart, clients who are going through similar traumas in their lives." ~Former Client